Cara Menambah Hardisk Baru di Ubuntu Server

  • Check ubuntu telah mengenali harddrive baru
  • sudo lshw -C disk
  • Mulai mempartisi hardisk baru dengan perintah fdisk
  • a) Initiate fdisk with the following command:

    sudo fdisk /dev/sdb

    b) Fdisk will display the following menu:

    · Command (m for help): m

    · Command action

    · a toggle a bootable flag

    · b edit bsd disklabel

    · c toggle the dos compatibility flag

    · d delete a partition

    · l list known partition types

    · m print this menu

    · n add a new partition

    · o create a new empty DOS partition table

    · p print the partition table

    · q quit without saving changes

    · s create a new empty Sun disklabel

    · t change a partition’s system id

    · u change display/entry units

    · v verify the partition table

    · w write table to disk and exit

    · x extra functionality (experts only)


    · Command (m for help):

    c) We want to add a new partition. Type “n” and press enter.

    Command action

    e extended

    p primary partition (1-4)

    d) We want a primary partition. Enter “p” and enter.

    Partition number (1-4):

    e) Since this will be the only partition on the drive, number 1. Enter “1″ and enter.

    Command (m for help):

    If it asks about the first cylinder, just type “1″ and enter. (We are making 1 partition to use the whole disk, so it should start at the beginning.)

    f) Now that the partition is entered, choose option “w” to write the partition table to the disk. Type “w” and enter.

    The partition table has been altered!

    g) If all went well, you now have a properly partitioned hard drive that’s ready to be formatted. Since this is the first partition, Linux will recognize it as /dev/sdb1, while the disk that the partition is on is still /dev/sdb.

    Command Line Formatting

    To format the new partition as ext3 file system (best for use under Ubuntu):

    sudo mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1

    3. Membuat mount poin.

    mkdir /media/mynewdrive

    4. Memaunting hardisk baru.

    a. Automatic

    – edit line fstab : vim etc/fstab

    – masukan line text berikut didalam fstab

    /dev/sdb1 /media/mynewdrive ext3 defaults 0 2

    b. Manual

    – Untuk memount hardisk : mount /dev/sdb1 /media/mynewdrive

    – Untuk meunmount hadisk: umount /dev/sdb1 /media/mynewdrive


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